10 Reasons Why Autumn is the Best Season for Roofing Deals

10 Reasons Why Autumn is the Best Season for Roofing Deals

Autumn is a beautiful season that tends to inspire work on the home. Something about the crisp air makes it more enjoyable to clean, reorganize, renovate, and take care of annual repairs. Not to mention the holiday cheer that begins stirring in the air as soon as October. Fall is also an important season for roofers and for homeowners with roofing work to be done.

Roofing is a very seasonal business, since work can only be done in clear weather and demand increases when the weather is harsh. Because of this, most roofing is scheduled in the Spring and Summer, and her in Michigan, the winter limits roofing to emergency repairs until the weather thaws out.

Autumn, however, is the perfect time for savvy homeowners to find a deal on roof work. Why? The fall season happens to hold the perfect confluence of weather, timing, and opportunity for roofing to be more available at a lower cost than any other time of year. But it’s not just about the autumn months themselves. Let’s dive into the ten uniquely useful reasons why fall is the best time to find roofing deals.

1) Lower Demand After the Summer Rush

Summer is the peak season for roofing with warm sunny days and the kids out of school. More people have free time to meet the roofers and the home stays a comfortable temperature even with the roof open and the central air turned off. Roofers are extremely busy during the Spring and Summer when all homeowners who planned ahead have booked their roofing work.

In the fall, however, those scheduled roofing projects fade. Students are back at school and warm weekends become rarer, but the weather is still mostly clear. As demand declines, local roofers begin looking for methods to encourage customers to book before the clear weather turns to snow. This means roofing deals are more likely to be available or negotiable if you are looking for roofing work in the autumn months.

2) Demand Starts Again for Spring Early Scheduling

You may think that Spring would be a good time for deals, but these months are reserved for early-birds who want to be first next year. Many homeowners who know how the roofing industry works will book Spring days and weekends to get ahead of the Summer Rush. Roofers are confident that their Spring schedule will fill up and a different variety of opportunities are available for this season. In the fall, however, roofers are looking to fill their schedule as all the pre-booked appointments have already passed.

If you need roofing at the last minute or discover you will need roofing during the busy season, don’t worry. Autumn roofing schedules always have a few convenient days available and your roofers may be offering incentives to book these days.

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3) Avoid the Hazard Costs of Winter Roofing

Roofing in the winter faces a different set of circumstances. Because winter roofing is far more dangerous in cold and icy conditions, it becomes an emergency and hazard situation which may involve higher hazard costs. Roofing work in the winter requires a special adhesive or adhesive warming equipment because shingle adhesive becomes too hard in the cold. Roofs will need to be secured and things like salt and safety lines may be necessary when they are not needed for roofing in any other season.

If you will need roofing soon, it is far more cost-effective to schedule your roofing earlier in the autumn.  Waiting until winter to call roofers may involve higher costs from hazard and safety expenses.

4) Lower Demand for Roof Financing Options

Another useful angle is that roof financing institutions are facing fewer requests. When a finance is slammed with submissions for roofing financing, they are sometimes more likely to sort-out applications that are less than perfect. During a slower season, financing agents may have more time to spend with you and therefore may be able to make your financing options work without a run-around.

Autumn is a great season to take your time and line up all the paperwork you need to arrange for both roofing and roof financing.

5) Clearing the Year’s Shingle Inventory

Shingle manufacturers also play a role in the cost of your roofing work, especially if you need large patches or roof installation. Shingle manufacturers often offer an additional warranty and may sometimes offer a discount on inventory they’d like to move before the next year’s line of shingles is produced and shipped.

Because the winter is a slow season for roofers – especially roofing installation – shingles can experience discounts as the end of the year approaches. Shingles that roofers, suppliers, or manufacturers want sold may be bought at a discount – lowering the overall cost of your autumn roofing work.

10 Reasons Why Autumn is the Best Season for Roofing Deals

6) Pleasant Autumn Weather for Roofing

Autumn is also your last chance at clear weather before winter rolls in officially. One of the biggest challenges in scheduling roofing during stormy seasons is finding a clear day. Michigan autumns tend to have clearer skies, with our storms concentrated in the late spring and mid-winter. Crisp autumn days when the sun is shining make for a great roofing schedule even though appointments slow down during this season.

You can get roofing work that is fast, attentive, and undelayed by poor weather by booking your roofing services in the autumn.

7) Get Your Roof in Top-Condition Before the Winter Snows

You can also save a bundle by timing your roof work before the first winter snow. Once it snows, your roof will be coated in snow or in re-frozen ice for the rest of the season. Occasionally, an early winter or surprise mid-winter thaw will dry out your roof completely, but most of a Michigan winter your roof is essentially inaccessible without first being shoveled and salted. If you have any gaps or potential leaks in your roof, the snow and melt will turn into problems before the springtime thaw and you might not be able to get roofers out before water damage is done or heat is lost.

By booking in the autumn, you can close up these gaps and leaks long before they have a chance to get worse. Save money by avoiding the need for more extensive repairs in the future.

8) Roofers Have Extra Time for Personalized Service

Some types of roofing deals are not in money but in time and attention. In the summer, roofers are in a hurry to take care of every roofing appointment that’s been booked. They are often in a rush to move from one job to the next and only have scheduled consultation time to chat. In the autumn, however, there are far fewer customers. Those who do book roofing will have more time with their roofing contractors, and therefore more time and a more personalized service as a result.

With more time, your roofing contract will be able to really sit down and listen to your plans and concerns. They will go over the inspection results with you and talk out any repairs or future roofing needs. You will have more access to ask for specific details or to really explore your options for shingles, trim, gutters, or roof features.

If what you want is greater time for customer care, then autumn is the ideal time to get your roofer’s full attention before, during, and after your service.

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9) Save a Bundle on Autumn Roofing and Winter Heating

Another potential deal is in your winter heating bill. While your roofers don’t control the cost of electricity in Canton, Michigan, we can help you lower the cost of your power bill with energy efficiency. Taking care of your roofing in the autumn when cold drafts are just starting to be tangible can ensure that your home is sealed up and cozy when the temperatures really drop.

A roof that is well-maintained and fully repaired is also airtight. Combined with professionally installed attic insulation, this means that when you crank up the heater, the heat stays inside your house. A good-quality roof is like a warm hat on your home – heat doesn’t escape through the top and instead cycles back down to keep the whole house warm.

10) Roofers May Offer Autumn Holiday Deals

Last but certainly not least, watch out for holiday deals as we roll into autumn. Starting with Halloween, the fall is packed with holidays and hearkens the beginning of the holiday season. If your local roofers are feeling festive, then there might just be a few spooky or thankful deals available for homeowners who choose to schedule around our favorite unforgettable dates.

Does your roof need inspection, repair, improvements, or even reinstallation this autumn? Our Dearborn Michigan roofing contractors are ready to help  you in any way that you need. We will be proud to consult on your roof’s needs and the best ways to prepare your roof for another year of Michigan winter weather. Contact us today to schedule your initial inspection. We look forward to hearing from you and finding you a great deal for roofing this autumn.

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