5 Key Questions You Should Ask Your Roofer in Canton Michigan

5 Key Questions You Should Ask Your Roofer in Canton Michigan

Does your roof leak? Maybe you’ve seen signs of problems on your home’s roof and think it’s time for a roof replacement. Whatever the case may be, when you have a problem on your home’s roof and need a roof contractor to repair or replace your roof it’s important that you hire the right roofer in Canton Michigan. Here are some quick questions that you should ask to ensure you’re hiring the best roofer for your roof replacement project.

5 Key Questions You Should Ask Your Roofer in Canton Michigan

When you need a new roof installed on your home you may not have time to delay when it comes to hiring a contractor to replace the roof. If your roof is already leaking and causing damage to the inside of your home, it can certainly not leave you a lot of time to make a decision. However, many of the following questions can be asked over the phone or on the initial price quote for the roof replacement.

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Are You Fully Licensed and Insured?

When you hire a roofing contractor to install a new roof on your home it’s important that they are fully licensed and insured. If not, the warranty on your new roof may not be honored if there is a problem later. And if they don’t have insurance and something happens, it may force you to make a claim on your insurance to cover the expense which can result in higher premiums.

Do You Use a Roofing Contract?

Many home owners think that a roofing job contract is only there to protect the contractor. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The contract holds each party, the roofer and the home owner to the agreement. So if the contractor doesn’t use a contract for the project, you may not have much of a legal stance in case things go very wrong later. Most reputable contractors will go over the contract with you and explain everything. Ask questions and get a copy to help protect yourself. This can help to eliminate many communication problems during the roof installation.

How Long Will it Take To Complete the New Roof?

There are many low budget contractors who will start a roofing project only to stop mid way through and then go to another project to start. This allows the roofing contractor to lock in many home owners so that they can get more jobs started. This usually occurs during summer months when more roofs tend to need replacing. The roofing contract should include the time frame needed for the roof installation. If it doesn’t, it’s a good idea to ask the contractor to include it so you don’t fall victim to this tactic.

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What Factors Can Change Pricing During the Installation?

During any type of home improvement project there can always be hidden problems that need to be addressed which can cause the overall cost of the project to go up. This can be additional labor charges as well as more materials that may be needed. Usually, the additional costs is because of rotten wood or components that were covered up by the old roof and not visible until the old roof was removed. Talk with the contractor about things that can change the cost of the project. Make sure your budget has some cushion in case there are any problems during the roof installation.

Will You Protect My Home During the Roof Installation?

Having bits and piles of shingles thrown from your roof landing in your yard can cause quite a bit of damage to the landscape of your home. Not only that but large trucks with heavy trailers can sink during rainy weather and damage sprinklers as well. Other problems such as debris bouncing up and hitting your home’s siding and windows can also cause damage. Many roofing contractors will place barriers to protect your home from these problems. Ask your roofer, what are their procedures for protecting your home.

Call for a Free Quote Today

These are all great questions to ask a roofer that you are considering for your home roofing project. One of the best in Canton Michigan is Twelve Oaks Roofing. Call them today at (248) 525-6950 for a free quote and consultation for a roof replacement on your home.

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