6 Ways You Can Prevent Damage To Vinyl Siding in Southgate Michigan

6 Ways You Can Prevent Damage To Vinyl Siding in Southgate Michigan

Vinyl siding is a great siding for its durability and aesthetic look, however just because it’s very durable doesn’t mean that it won’t ever become damaged. Taking measures to prevent damages from happening to your vinyl siding in Southgate Michigan is a great way to avoid major problems from happening, since exterior siding damage can become bad and start damaging your homes foundation. This can be scary for many homeowners as home foundation damage can be very expensive or even permanent. So taking precautions to prevent damage to your homes exterior vinyl siding is ideal.

6 Ways You Can Prevent Damage To Vinyl Siding in Southgate Michigan

Vinyl siding requires low maintenance, typically just a cleaning once a year. But damages can occur quickly, regardless of how durable it is. Taking steps to make sure you won’t have your vinyl siding damaged is crucial for it to continue protecting your home from rough weather. We’ve compiled a list of 6 ways you can prevent damage to your vinyl siding, so a regular homeowner like yourself can go over it and become more knowledgeable about preventing damage to it.

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Don’t Put Off Repairs

Whenever your vinyl siding does become damaged, it can be a headache to most homeowners. When damage occurs, getting it repaired quickly will typically prevent more damage from happening as problems can worsen and become major. Hiring a professional siding expert to repair your vinyl siding quickly when damage has been found to your vinyl siding will help you in the long run.

Don’t Power Wash Your Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding can become grimy and dirty throughout the year, so yearly cleaning is crucial to keep your vinyl siding looking beautiful and new. However, many homeowners tend to make the mistake of power washing their vinyl siding. It’s highly recommended that you don’t power wash your vinyl siding if you aren’t very experienced with a power washer, if you are then you can do as you wish. If you’re not experienced with it though, you could damage your vinyl siding completely.

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Trim Bushes And Branches That Are Nearby

Trees and bushes are beautiful and they can certainly boost your homes curb appeal, but unfortunately they can very easily damage your vinyl siding as they can constantly scrape and brush against it, causing wear and tear, potentially even breaking pieces from your vinyl siding. This can be prevented by trimming back both branches and bushes.

Be Careful Mowing Your Lawn

This may seem odd to many homeowners, but if you mow your grass, make sure you’re pointing away from your home. Rocks, twigs, and other types of debris can shoot from your lawn mower and hit your vinyl siding, this can cause damage such as punctures. So when you mow your grass, just point it away from your homes vinyl siding.

Keep The Grill Away

Again, this may also seem a bit odd. But if you’re the type to grill a lot, be sure that your grill is at least 8 feet away from your vinyl siding. If your grill is too close, it could heat up your vinyl siding so much that it begins to melt or warp. It typically won’t catch on fire, but warping and melting vinyl siding would need to be repaired as it will allow further damage to your home.

Schedule A Professional Siding Inspection

Inspections can easily be done by the homeowner, just going around your home to ensure your vinyl is up to shape and not damaged, however hiring a professional vinyl siding expert to inspect it could be a great way to find hidden or unforeseen damage that you haven’t noticed. A second opinion is always better anyways since many homeowners aren’t experienced with vinyl siding, but a professional is so they’ll be able to spot damages or issues that you may not have noticed.

Vinyl siding damage can be a huge headache, especially if it’s out of nowhere. Preventing damages to your vinyl siding is a great way to keep it in great condition and prolong the lifespan of it. Regular inspections should be done to make sure no damage has been done to your vinyl siding, as damage to it could worsen and cause foundation problems to your house, which is a nightmare for many homeowners.

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