8 Signs That It’s Time to Call a Roofing Company

Roofing Company

Is it time to call a good roofing company? Yes? No? Maybe you are not sure. Not everyone knows about roofing and if they should call a roofing company or if they are over reacting. However, there are signs that will alert you when it’s time to call a roofing company. If you are curious about your roof and if you should call a good roofing company to come to your home, check out the 8 signs below. It may be time for you to contact a roof contractor and you not even know it. Don’t feel bad, many of us have been in that same spot before. Have a look at these 8 signs:

#1 – Shingles Curling or Missing

Missing shingles and shingles that are curling on the corners are a sign that it’s time for roofing maintenance. This could be caused from a storm or due to the fact that the roof is older and has seen its better days. Once the shingles curl or buckle, the lifespan of the shingles will lessen.

#2 – Roof is More than 20 Years Old

If your roof is more than 20 years old, it’s time to contact a contractor. While most roofs have a lifespan of at least 20 years, many things can shorten that lifespan such as storms, roof was not properly installed and the roof was installed over a new roof.

#3 – Last Roof Inspection was Longer than a Year Ago

If your last roof inspection was longer than a year ago, you should consider calling a trusted roofing company to come out and inspect your roof. A number of things can happen to your roof in a year’s time that you may not even notice. This mainly happens during storms.

#4 – Your Roof Has Valleys

If your roof has valleys, you also need to consider calling a roofing company to have them come out and do an inspection for you. It is crucial that you keep a check on the valleys because any problems can lead to major problems such as leaks.

#5 – Water is Not Running Out Your Downspout

If you aren’t seeing water run out your downspout on the side of your home, it’s time to call a roof contractor. This is a sign that your downspout or gutters are stopped up. This often happens with the changing of the seasons when the leaves fall. This can also happen over long periods of time and from storms. Neglecting this problem can lead to major problems such as roof cave ins and a leaking roof. So it’s best to have this taken care of as soon as possible.

#6 – Water Spots on Your Ceiling

If you notice water spots on your ceiling, this is a sign that there is a problem with your roof. If your roof is leaking, brown and yellow spots will start appearing on your ceiling. Leaving this problem untreated could lead to major problems.

#7 – Call a Roofing Company if you have Visible Sunlight through the Roof

If you can see sunlight coming through your roof, it is definitely time to call a roofing company. It is a good idea to check places like your attic for light coming in.

#8 – Moisture in Your Attic

If you have noticed that there is moisture in your attic, then you need to call a roofing company. Moisture build up in your attic can be caused from leaks in your roof. This is a sign that you need a roof inspection to see what is going on.

There’s 8 signs that you need to call a roofing company. None of the above signs should be taken lightly. There is one thing for sure, if your roof fails, your whole house could also. Don’t let one stopped up gutter cause your roof to collapse, or a small leak turn into a major leak and cause major damage to your walls and floors.

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