Are Tree Branches Dangerous To Your Roof in Ann Arbor Michigan?

Are Tree Branches Dangerous To Your Roof in Ann Arbor Michigan?

There’s no question that trees can certainly bring an aesthetically pleasing look to your home, however the question revolving around if tree branches are dangerous to your roof is something that needs to be discussed as many homeowners pay tree branches that linger above or around their home’s roof no attention. Of course many people believe trees can be harmless to an extent and want to preserve trees as they’re good for the environment and nothing is wrong with wanting to save trees.

Are Tree Branches Dangerous To Your Roof in Ann Arbor Michigan?

There’s really no short answer for this question, however the best short answer we can really give is yes, tree branches are dangerous, but only in certain situations. If the tree branches are 10 feet away from your home, then no, they’re not usually dangerous, however if they linger and hang above your roofing in Ann Arbor Michigan, then they can be considered dangerous. We need to get more into detail about why exactly they’re dangerous and why you should have tree branches that are too close to your home’s roof trimmed back.

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Wear And Tear On Shingles

This is common for home’s with tree branches that hang on the roof itself, not hang above it. Over time, wind can begin moving the tree branches and this can begin causing your shingles to experience wear and tear. This can lead to damaged shingles, missing shingles, or even scrape the top protective layer of granules off of your shingles.

Clogs Your Gutters Up

If you clean your own gutters then you definitely know how annoying it can be, having to scrape all of the debris out while risking the dangers of being on a ladder trying to do it. So it’s easy to overlook this, but tree branches near your roof can begin releasing leaves and twigs that can clog up your gutter system regularly, leaving damage to happen eventually to your roof or home’s exterior siding. There’s plenty of ways clogged up gutters can harm your home, so it’s best to trim back tree branches so that they don’t overflow your gutters.

Potential Roof Leaks

A roof leak can occur in a few scenarios as well, like we mentioned above tree branches that cause wear and tear on your shingles can cause a roof leak. However, debris from tree branches can begin accumulating on your home’s roof, allowing moisture to become trapped and water damage your roof. This can lead to a roof leak if it isn’t properly taken care of, so if you notice lots of debris on your roof, either clean it off or hire a professional roofing company to clean the debris off the roof of your home.

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Punctured Roof

One of the scariest things that could happen from having tree branches hanging above your roof is having it fall and puncture your roof. Depending on how big the tree branch actually is, you could find yourself with a puncture in your home’s roof due to a storm that knocked the tree branch loose and onto the top of your roof. This will lead to a roof leak and that can get very messy during a storm.

Tree Limbs Can Cause Mold

This one isn’t as common as the others, however it’s definitely something that can happen. Tree branches can hold water, not very much but if a storm has passed, you could find mold growing in your home due to a roof leak caused by a tree branch or just moisture getting into your roof from a leak. So it’s always best to prevent this from happening by trimming back the tree branches that hang too close or above the roof of your home.

If you have tree branches that hang above your roof, or if they’re just a little too close then it’s best to schedule for an inspection to make sure they haven’t caused your roof any damage such as wear and tear, once you’ve gotten your roof properly inspected by a professional roofing contractor, then you can hire a professional to trim the tree branches back. It’s definitely not worth doing yourself as it can be extremely dangerous and there’s no reason to risk injuring yourself instead of hiring a professional roofer such as Ann Arbor Remodeling Contractor to do the job for you. Call them at (734) 619-1271 for more information and get a free quote!

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