Common Mistakes Made When Trying To DIY Gutter Installation in Plymouth Michigan

Common Mistakes Made When Trying To DIY Gutter Installation in Plymouth Michigan

As we all know, gutter systems are pretty basic by looking at them. For something so basic, they really do more for your home and aspects to it than a lot of things. There’s nothing difficult about them, they serve the purpose of directing the water away from your home and into the downspout, away from your house. So that should mean installation of gutter systems should be easy, right? Well, not exactly. Gutter systems are actually pretty complexed when installing them and having a qualified roofer in Plymouth Michigan to install them is always recommended, there’s things you’ll have to properly do for them to work correctly.

Common Mistakes Made When Trying To DIY Gutter Installation in Plymouth Michigan

Gutter system installation really isn’t a walk in the park, if you lack the proper experience needed to install them, you could find yourself making big mistakes that could cost you more money to fix. So it’s best to know about the dangers and mistakes that homeowners can make trying to DIY gutter installation. The best thing to avoid these mistakes is by hiring a professional to install your gutters for you, this way you won’t make any mistakes like we’ve mentioned below.

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Not Properly Pitching

Gutter systems aren’t balanced completely, they have a slope so that water can flow properly. Every gutter needs to be properly pitched to redirect water properly, without doing that you could find water backing up and not flowing all the way to your downspout. This could lead to plenty of problems, such as rotting your roof’s soffit, water damaging your roof’s shingles, roof leaks, mold growth, and damaging your siding and home’s foundation, so it’s always smart to look into the pitch calculations that need to be set during the installation of your gutter system.

Installing The Wrong Type Of Gutter

Gutters aren’t just one option, there’s a lot of different options when it comes to gutter systems. You’ve got many options for sizing, styles, material that’s used, and more. So whenever you’re picking your new gutter system, you’ll have to determine which material and size is most effective in your area. If you’re in an area where rain is common, you don’t want too small of a gutter system and find it leaking water from the sides because it can’t hold it properly. Doing research to make sure that you get the best gutter for your area is going to save you a huge headache in the future, there’s nothing more frustrating than installing a gutter just to have it fail a few months later and have to do it all over again.

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Not Placing Gutters Correctly

Whenever you look at gutter systems, they’re all in the same place, right under your home’s roof. However, it isn’t just that simple. Many homeowners will make the common mistake of placing their gutter system in the wrong place, too high or too low. This is because when water flows off of your home’s roof, it doesn’t typically fall straight down. It hangs onto your roof underneath then falls, so you’ll have to properly place your gutter system a couple inches below your roof’s edge, to ensure water actually falls into your gutter system and doesn’t miss it completely.

Placing Hangers Improperly

Placing your gutters hangers can be a bit tedious, but when it comes to them they need to be properly installed and not installed too far away, this will typically lead to your gutter system sagging when it’s full with water. If your gutter system begins to sag, then you’ll see water won’t flow and hang in one place, leading to problems all of a sudden. So make sure you properly place hangers where your gutters won’t begin to sag when they’re full with water.

DIY gutter installation can be tough, especially if you don’t know all of the necessary steps to take to properly install them. It can also be extremely dangerous, one slip from a ladder can result in a lot of injuries, that’s why it should be common for homeowners to avoid DIY gutter installation all together and hire a professional to install them instead. That way you can be reassured that your gutters are properly installed by a professional such as Home Pros Plymouth and you shouldn’t see any problems occur out of nowhere due to improper pitching or overflowing gutters from the wrong size of gutters. Call Home Pros Plymouth today to get a free quote for gutter replacement for your home at (734) 548-9911

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