Common Mistakes That Happen with Your Roofing in Brownstown Michigan

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Does your home need a new roof installed? Maybe you just need a small roof repair done to stop a roof leak that just happened after a major storm. Whatever the reason why you need roofing service there are a few things you should keep in mind when hiring a roofing contractor in Brownstown Michigan for your project. We’ll take a closer look at some common mistakes you should avoid when getting roofing service in Brownstown Michigan below.

Common Mistakes That Happen with Your Roofing in Brownstown Michigan

There are many home owners who complete do it yourself projects all the time. And while doing any project yourself can certainly give you a sense of accomplishment and ability there are times when you should leave the work to a professional. One of those times is when it comes to roofing on your home. Roofing is dangerous and without the proper safety equipment and training things can go wrong really fast and have devastating results. Chances are you’ll save money by hiring a professional roofing company rather than doing the roofing project yourself as well. With that being said, here are some common mistakes that may occur when you attempt to DIY the roof or you hire a roofing contractor that isn’t properly qualified to do the job.

Common Mistakes That Happen with Your Roofing in Brownstown Michigan

Re-Roofing as a Roof Replacement Project

There are two methods of installing a new roof on your home when your old roof has started to fail. The biggest difference is what happens to the old roofing. During a re-roofing project the old roof is left in place and a new roof is simply installed over the old one. This way is much less expensive but it does come with many problems that you may not be aware of. The other method is completely removing the old roof and then adding the new roofing materials. This method is the preferred way of replacing a roof.

Not Adding a Moisture Barrier or Ice Dam Protection

For home owners in colder environments such as Michigan adding a moisture barrier is a must. This is especially true at the roof edges and eaves because this is where a roof ice dam can form. Make sure you have adequate moisture barrier installed of at least 3 feet on the eaves of your home. More is even better.

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Not Using Approved Fasteners

Many roofing manufacturers will have specific guidelines on how the roofing shingles need to be installed. This means they require a specific amount of fasteners and they need to meet certain guidelines. If they don’t the roofing warranty may be void. Make sure your roofer is fully versed in what fasteners to use and how many per shingle when getting a new roof installed on your home.

Improper Ventilation for the Roof

One thing many home owners never think about when getting a new roof installed on their homes is the ventilation of the roof. The roof needs to be properly ventilated to perform as it should. Improper ventilation can lead to premature roof failure along with many other risks including mold growth in the home which can be unhealthy. Ensure your roof and attic is properly ventilated and none of the vents are blocked when you get a roof replacement project done on your home.

Improper Shingle Installation

Having a roofing contractor who is properly qualified is a must. Without  a licensed and qualified roofer you may have a roof that looks wavy after the roofing is installed. All of your roof should be uniform and everything should be in line. If not, you may have a problem later.

Get a Professional Roofer for your Roofing Project

When it comes to getting a new roof installed on your home or even a small roof repair you’ll want to always use a qualified roofing professional for your project. A fully licensed and insured roofer is the best way to go for any type of roofing issues you may have. One of the best in Brownstown Michigan is Downriver Roofers. Give them a call today at 734-548-9919 for a free quote on your roofing project. They can also help with financing a new roof too. Call today to get started.

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