Common Problems Your Homes Siding in Ann Arbor Michigan Could Face

Common Problems Your Homes Siding in Ann Arbor Michigan Could Face

The siding of your home protects your homes foundation from a lot of harsh things in this world, and keeping up with regular maintenance is going to ensure it’s in great condition to keep protecting your home. When problems occur to your home’s siding in Ann Arbor Michigan, it could be scary for any homeowner. Especially if your knowledge isn’t up to date when it comes to siding problems.

Common Problems Your Homes Siding in Ann Arbor Michigan Could Face

Regardless if you’re new or a siding guru, these common problems will help you know what to look for, and what to have repaired if the siding of your house has any of these problems. We always recommend hiring a professional siding company to have any repairs done as they’ll be your best bet to having the job done 100% perfect with no flaws to leave you with even more repairs done in the future. So, let’s get on with common problems your homes siding could face.

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Siding Is Cracking

Whenever you discover any cracks in your homes siding, it’s best to have it repaired quickly as water and other elements can go behind your siding and cause further problems. Replacing a single piece of siding can be pretty cheap and sometimes done with a zip-tie until a professional is able to problem replace it.

Siding Has Suffered Damage

There are plenty of things that can damage the siding of your home, from hail, to even mowing the grass and shooting rocks at your homes siding. Regardless, if you’ve noticed any damage done to your siding, then you should have it repaired quickly. Unattended damages on your homes siding could certainly further and cause plenty more problems in the future with not only your siding, but your homes foundation and architecture as well.

Signs Of Moisture

Moisture is always scary to every homeowner since the damages it can do is severe. Siding typically is installed with a water resistant barrier behind it, allowing water to stay away from your homes foundation. However, sometimes this barrier can be penetrated and allow water to seep in, if you notice any signs of moisture on your siding, then we recommend having it repaired quickly as water can certainly start rotting away your homes foundation and cause growth of mildew.

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Siding Is Starting To Fade

Fading isn’t necessarily the worst problem to face, since it’s mainly just appearance that it affects, however it can make your siding begin to crack in the future. Sunlight is usually the verdict when it comes to faded siding, and it can throw off your curb appeal drastically since some of your home may be shaded with trees and such.

Siding Has Warped

Siding can begin to warp itself, this is typically due to unprofessional installations. Since vinyl siding tends to expand and contract itself, it needs breathing room to ensure it doesn’t allow water or anything to seep in. If you notice your siding is warping any, you should have it inspected and repaired by a professional to ensure the job is done correctly so you won’t see further problems.

Noise Coming From Siding

When it’s windy, does your siding make any types of noise? Siding shouldn’t make any types of noises and this is an indication that the siding of your home wasn’t installed correctly. This is typically done by non-professionals, siding needs to be installed perfectly to ensure it makes no noises at all. Your siding could be installed too tightly which can cause a few more problems aside from noise in the near future, so have it repaired so that you prolong the lifespan of your homes siding.

The siding of your home should be maintained properly and regularly, as problems with your siding puts a lot of things at risk, most importantly your home. As siding is meant to protect your home from harsh weather and many harsh elements in this world. So, keeping up with regular inspections will ensure your siding is up to date and protecting your home as the years come by. However, siding materials do have lifespans, and sometimes it’s best to have it replaced all together as it could have reached the end of its lifespan. So, keep up with the age of your homes siding as well.

If you think your siding is failing then getting an inspection from a siding contractor is a must. Call Ann Arbor Remodeling Contractor today at (734) 619-1271 for a free quote on siding repair or replacement in Ann Arbor Michigan.

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