Common Signs Your Roofing in Plymouth Michigan May Need Replacing

Common Signs Your Roofing in Plymouth Michigan May Need Replacing

Roof flashing serves the purpose of keeping water out of areas where systems have been placed in your roofing in Plymouth Michigan, this includes things like pipe drains, ventilation, skylights, and chimneys. These all need flashing around them to prevent water from leaking in the cracks of them and causing a roof leak.

While flashing isn’t the biggest thing that keeps your roof safe, it definitely does a lot of work to prevent damages from happening. Roof flashing is metal sheets that are connected to your roof and sealed up using a sealant to prevent water from seeping in.

Common Signs Your Roofing in Plymouth Michigan May Need Replacing

If you’re in the position where you suspect your flashing is failing or damaged on your roof, then it’s important to know the common signs, this will allow you to know if they need to be replaced or not. Starting with an inspection can help you see signs that your flashing may be damaged, however climbing on top of your roof can pose the risk of an injury, so it could be best if you hire a professional to do an inspection instead. If you’re wanting to do it yourself, then check out these common signs that your roof’s flashing may need replacing.

Plymouth MI Roofing

Plymouth MI Roofing

  • Cracked Sealant

Flashing is connected to your roof with sealant to keep water from seeping into your roof and causing chaos, however sealant can become old over time and start cracking which can allow water to start seeping in, if you notice the sealant has cracks in it, then it will need to be repaired.

  • Rusted Flashing

Since flashing is made out of metal, there’s bound to be rust around. If you notice your roof’s flashing is starting to rust, then it’s time to have them replaced. Rust can spread and cause vulnerable spots for water to get into it, leaving you with a bigger mess in the future.

  • Areas In Your Home Is Leaking

Things like your fireplace and skylight can begin to leak, if they are then it could simply be an issue with the flashing used around them. Since flashing is made to prevent these things from leaking, it’s common for it to just be a problem with the flashing around them, a simple roof replacement can do wonders in those situations.

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  • Flashing Parts Have Gone Missing

Flashing is made out of different pieces connected to each other, so there is a chance you could see missing parts from your roof’s flashing. Especially if you live in an area with frequent storms or high winds, you may see that some pieces have ripped away from your flashing, if so, have a professional replace your flashing to ensure water doesn’t leak into your home.

  • Holes In Your Flashing

If you look closely at each of your flashings on your home’s roof, then you may be able to spot holes. This is a problem because water can seep into these holes and cause problems. Little holes may not seem like a huge problem, but they can certainly cause a lot of problems in the future so having your home’s flashing fixed quickly will prevent any damages from happening in the future.

  • Old Aged Flashing

If it’s been a long time since your flashing has been resealed or even checked on, then it could be suffering from problems. After a while, flashing can have all these problems and more just from being old. In a lot of cases, having your home’s flashing replaced rather than repaired is the best move you can make, this will prevent damages from reoccurring and also give your flashing a new life in general.

Flashing serves a pretty big role on your home’s roof believe it or not, while your roof and siding play huge roles, flashing is still there protecting your home from water invading it so it’s important to keep up with it and have it replaced whenever a problem surfaces.

If you’re unable to go on your roof to look for these common signs, then consider hiring a professional roofing company such as Home Pros Plymouth to come inspect your roof’s flashing instead, this can also be an advantage as they’ll know exactly what to look for and how to look for it, making it a great investment for any homeowner.

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