Common Telltale Signs Your Siding in Downriver Michigan Is Due For A Replacement

Common Telltale Signs Your Siding in Downriver Michigan Is Due For A Replacement

Do you suspect that your siding has become damaged but aren’t sure whether a replacement is needed or not? Then you’re definitely in the right place, siding plays a huge role in keeping your home’s foundation safe. Elements such as mold, rot, and insects can begin ruining your home’s foundation, which is why you need your siding to be in healthy condition to protect it from these things, but when your siding has become compromised by damage, it fails to protect your home from these dangerous elements. Today, we’re going to give you a better idea of what telltale signs you may spot that will result in you needing a siding replacement in Downriver Michigan.

Common Telltale Signs Your Siding in Downriver Michigan Is Due For A Replacement

Whenever you siding begins to have problems occur, it’s the homeowners responsibility to inspect the siding to pinpoint any damages that can be seen. Inspections should be made regularly to ensure your siding is in good shape, failing to inspect it will leave your siding compromised and not doing its job. It’s also a great idea to schedule a professional inspection to be done to your siding, this way any damages that may be unseen by someone who isn’t experienced in siding can be found and addressed, leaving your home safe and secure for many more years to come. But, some damages can be seen easily by the homeowner, so if you notice any of these damages below, it might be time to have your siding replaced.

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  • Increasing Energy Bills

If you’ve noticed your energy bills increasing every month, then it could be your siding causing this issue. Although other aspects of home home such as your windows or roof could also be causing this issue, it’s a good way to start out and see if any underlying problems have occurred. So, if your energy bills have been seamlessly increasing, keep following along and see if you spot any other damage that’s on this list.

  • Visible Rot On Your Siding

This is typically a common telltale sign that your siding is in urgent need of being replaced. If your home has a siding such as wood siding, then you may be seeing this issue. Moisture can become trapped behind your siding and begin rotting it and your home’s foundation, so if you notice any rot occurring on your siding, be sure to have a professional inspect your home’s foundation to ensure it’s still sturdy and safe then have your siding replaced.

  • Cracked/Loose Siding

If you inspect your siding and notice cracks and loose siding, then it could be a big problem for you. While in smaller areas, a simple repair could be the best idea, but for more extensive damages, you’ll probably want to go for a full replacement. Cracks and loose siding can allow water to become trapped behind your siding, rotting your foundation and allowing mold to grow.

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  • Mold Growing On Your Siding

If you live in an area where rain is pretty common, then you may experience the dreadfulness of mold growing on your siding. Mold can be harmful to some people, so it’s important to have this issue fixed soon, before it causes any harm. Moisture building up on or behind your siding can begin growing mold. If mold is growing on the outside of your siding, a simple repair may do the job however if the mold has started to grow behind your siding, then it may be time to replace it and clear it off of your home’s foundation to be safe.

  • Your Siding Is Old

One of the most common telltale signs that your siding needs to be replaced is reaching the end of its lifespan. If you have any records on when your siding was installed, take a look and ensure that it’s not coming up to the end of the estimated lifespan, if it is and you’re experiencing problems, then you’ll more than likely be better off replacing it to avoid constant problems in the future.

Siding damage can present itself any time of the year, leaving damages done to your home that you can’t always control. The best actions you can take is contacting a professional siding expert to have your siding replaced, this will lead you in the best direction possible. One of the best siding contractors in Downriver Michigan is All Point Construction. They offer free quotes on siding projects. Call them today at (734) 407-7110 to get started on your free estimate.

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