Find the Best Roofer in Wyandotte Michigan with These Tips

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When it comes to keeping your roof in good working order it means you’ll need the help of a good roofer in Wyandotte Michigan from time to time. Choosing a roofing contractor to work on your roof, install a new roof, or to make repairs to your roof may not be a straightforward as you might imagine. Since roofing materials can last for many years and even decades many home owners simply don’t deal with roofing contractors or ‘roofers’ as they are commonly known, very often. This leads to many frustrations when the home owners choose a bad roofer for their project. There are some things you can do to avoid being taken by a roofing contractor which we’ll include in this article. 

Find the Best Roofer in Wyandotte Michigan with These Tips

As with any home improvement project it’s always best to get all the details about the project before you begin. Sometimes there are things that may be different about your home that make selecting a contractor more difficult. For roofing projects the difference you may have is the type of roofing materials that you have installed on your home. The most common roofing material used in Wyandotte Michigan is shingle roofing which is typically asphalt shingles or fiberglass shingles. Most roofers will be able to replace or repair a shingle roof but if your roof is made of another material you’ll need to ask about that roofing material when you call the roofing contractor in Wyandotte Michigan.

Find the Best Roofer in Wyandotte Michigan with These Tips

Only Use Licensed and Insured Roofing Contractors

A huge problem that most home owners get when using a roofing contractor is the contractor that is not properly licensed and insured. Insurance is needed in case an accident happens. If the contractor is not properly insured the liability for the accident may fall to you and your home owners insurance. A claim will likely make your home owners insurance go up for years. Making sure the roofer in Wyandotte MI has insurance means you avoid this expense.

Not only insurance but you’ll also need to have a licensed contractor install the roof or make roof repairs on your home. Without a properly licensed and trained roofing contractor the roof may not be installed correctly. This is especially problematic for new roof installations in Downriver Michigan because it may void the warranty on your roof if it is installed incorrectly. So even if you have a decades long warranty on the roof, if it was not installed correctly or as per manufacturers specifications you could be replacing your own roof when it fails again. This type of problem may not show up until months or even a few years after the initial installation of the new roof.

Use a Local Contractor with Ties to Community

During times when there are large storms that move through the Wyandotte Michigan area many home improvement people will come to town. They may seek work from you but be weary about hiring someone who is not local. While they may be able to offer immediate service, be sure to only select people who have local ties to the community and who have local offices. So if you need help in a few months they are still around. Storm chasing roofers will leave town once the work from the storm has dried up and there is no longer a need for them. Most will not return.

Always Use a Contract for Your Roofing Project

Some home owners get a bit weary when talking about contracts for their project. But in actuality having a contract for the roofing project in Wyandotte Michigan is the best way to protect yourself. A binding contract protects both the home owner and the contractor. It should include all the details that you have discussed with the contractor including price and materials that will be used. Read over the contract and if there are things that were discussed that is not included be sure to note that on the contract and ask the roofer about the issue. A handshake is great when doing business but to really protect yourself be sure to use a contract for your project.

Get a Free Estimate and Consultation if Available

Want to learn more about what all goes into your roof and get pricing on a new roof for your home in Wyandotte Michigan? Be sure to call Downriver Roofers today to get a free consultation and quote on a new roof install. You can reach them at 734-548-9919


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