Let Us Help You with Water Damage in Your MI Home

Steps to Take with Water Damage to Your Home

When a disaster strikes at your home you’ll need to take steps to protect yourself and your family. Once you know you and your family is safe it’s time to assess the damage done to your home. When water damage occurs in a home it can destroy lots of things and the worst part is that the water doesn’t need to get that deep. Just a few inches of water in your home can cause all sorts of damage to the home itself and the property contained in the home. In this article I’ll go over some steps to take if your home has water damage and what your next steps should be. 

Steps to Take with Water Damage to Your Home

Having water damage in your home isn’t always because of a flood or storm. You can have water damage from an appliance malfunctioning or a broken pipe in your home. Some homes have hot water heaters in the attic and when the tank ruptures it can spill gallons and gallons of water into the attic. That water then travels down walls and through the ceiling. During this time it destroys many areas of your home. When you need water heater repair in Downriver Michigan because of a broken water heater or pipe it’s important to get it fixed using quality service so it doesn’t happen again.

water damage

You can also get water damage from a pipe bursting in your home. Since plumbing is run thoughout the home a pipe can break anywhere causing damage almost anywhere. There are many reasons why a pipe may break such as being frozen and bursting, a bad fitting, or just a bad fitting or area of pipe. Usually when a pipe does burst it’s because of a crack in the pipe which in turn sprays water. This spraying water can effect a much larger area. It’s like spraying the garden hose outside compared to just letting it run in one single spot. Either way you’ll get water damage but both are different in how much.

Turn Off the Power to the Home

If your home has had extensive water damage it’s important that you don’t enter the home until the power is turned off. Water conducts electricity and if electrical outlets or wires were compromised your wet carpet could be energized. Turning off all the power to the home until you can properly assess the situation is best. You may also need to get an electrician to check the home and make sure all electrical components are okay.


If your home has had extensive water damage it’s important that you don’t enter the home until the power is turned off.

Remove the Water Source if Possible

If you’re home was affected by a flood then you won’t be able to do much about the water until it subsides. However, if a leaking roof, broken pipe, or water heater tank failed it’s important to stop those water sources so you can begin cleanup. Most homes have a water supply in their front yard which has a valve to turn the water off. If you’re uncomfortable doing this a call to the water company will usually send someone out to do this for you. Once the water is off then you can better tell what happened and take steps to stop the water at the source.

If you have a leaking roof then you’ll need to call a roofing company to come out and repair the roof. Sometimes a temporary patch can be put into place to stop any more damage until later. Once the threat of weather has passed you can then start to repair the roof.

Start the Cleanup Process

Having your home damaged by a flood or water can disrupt your entire lifestyle. The amount of damage just a few inches of water can cause is sometimes unreal. Sometimes it’s better to get a professional cleanup and restoration company to come in and remove any parts of the home that were damaged by water and cleanup what is left. Sometimes as a home owner it’s difficult to determine just what has water damage and what doesn’t. This is especially true in areas that are hidden from view such as behind walls and such. A professional cleanup and restoration company has experience in these types of cleanups and also has the tools needed to make your house a home again.


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