How To Choose The Best Type Of Bay Window For Your River Rouge Michigan Home

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Bay windows are a fantastic addition to any home. They are a feature piece that allows for a lot of natural light as well as a great place to sit and take in the view. This makes having a bay window in your River Rouge Michigan home a great asset. But not all bay windows are ideal for your home. There are actually four different types of bay windows and you will need to decide which version will work best for your home. When you get a home window installation company in River Rouge Michigan to install a new bay window in your home be sure to consider these types of  bay windows.

How To Choose The Best Type Of Bay Window For Your River Rouge Michigan Home

For most homes in River Rouge Michigan, there is always some sort of focal point on the front of the home. Larger homes may even have two of these focal points. It’s typically the first thing you notice when you look at the home from the curb. And having a great looking focal point on your home can boost the curb appeal dramatically which also increases the value of your home. For more standard homes the focal point may only be dual side by side windows or a front entrance door with side lights.

But for a more eloquent looking home having a large bay window out front is certainly something that can make an impact. If your home doesn’t have a large focal point such as a bay window be sure to call a home improvement contractor in River Rouge Michigan such as All Point Construction to get an estimate. All Point Construction offers free estimates in River Rouge Michigan and they are fully licensed and insured. Call them today at 734-407-7110 for details and you can discuss these types of bay windows and the costs associated with each:

How To Choose The Best Type Of Bay Window For Your River Rouge Michigan Home

Canted Bay Windows

A canted bay window is made of three or four individual windows to create a window that is not flush with the exterior of the home. This is one of the first versions of a bay window that has been used since the 1890’s for classic Victorian homes. The front window pane is flat and parallel to you home’s exterior with the other panels being angled to connect with you home and that front panel.

Bay Window Oriel

Typically, bay windows are found on the first story of your home and are designed to be around the same size of the other windows, or slightly bigger. A bay window oriel on the other hand is designed to be on a second story or higher and acts more as a porch. The Latin word for porch is oriel and the window is taller than other bay windows to allow you to stand or sit in the bay window nook. This is also a great way to get more natural light in a higher story floor.

Bow Bay Windows

If you want a more streamlined look to your home a bow window may be a better fit for you. The bow window is in a bow shape, thus the name, and provides you with a more graceful curve. Because it is a curve rather than a box or angular bay window there will need t be a greater amount of surface space used.

Box Bay Windows

 If you want to gain additional light and space in your home you can also consider a box bay window. These bay windows are not made of primarily windows, but instead are an addition to your home with windows as a feature. The windows used aren’t any bigger than a normal window and are put on the front and sides of the addition. This can be done on higher floors to create more space as well as more natural light into your home. These are one of the easiest bay windows to install because there is no need to worry about moving walls or worrying about load bearing walls. It is simply adding onto your home and creating a box to sit on the side of your home.


If you want to change the number of panes or the size of the windows from the standard bay windows you should discuss with an experienced contractor to make sure that the home can handle that increase and that the window is installed appropriately.

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