Key Questions You Should Ask Your Troy Michigan Roofer

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When it comes to choosing  a roofing contractor to install a new roof on your home it can truly be a stressful time. Not only is the fact that your home’s roof is leaking and causing damage to the interior of your home, but for most home owners, hiring a roofing contractor just isn’t done that often. When you do hire a roof contractor however there are some key questions you should get answered. Be sure to check out the list of questions you should ask a roofer in Troy Michigan if you need a new roof installed on your home. 

Key Questions You Should Ask Your Troy Michigan Roofer

While there are many different contractors who can install a new roof on your home there are sometimes problems that can come up. Asking your contractor these key questions will help to clear up any confusion. You’ll also want to ensure you have a copy of the roof installation contract which should list any and all details of the project including materials used, prices, and more. It should also list any of the following questions on it:

Key Questions You Should Ask Your Troy Michigan Roofer

What is the Time Frame for the Roof Installation?

Having an open ended time frame to install your roof is not a good idea. Imagine having a roofing crew remove parts of your home’s roof only to be pulled from the project to go to another project. While it may seem a bit crazy it actually happens a lot. Smaller contractors will start jobs to lock in the project. Know the time frame that your roof is to be installed.

What Method of Roofing Installation Will Be Used?

There are two main ways that new shingles are installed. The first method is much less expensive and is called a roof over. This means that the new roof will be added to the home over the old roof and the old roof is left in place. The other method is called a shovel off or tear off. It’s much more labor intensive and usually costs more because of more labor and debris removal requirements. Tear off roofing is always better. While both will leave you with a new roof, make sure you’re paying for the method of your choice.

Are You Fully Licensed, Insured, and Qualified?

Roofing materials have warranties that are attached which can protect your home for many years to come and you don’t need to worry much about the roof. However, improper installation can cause the roofing warranty to be void. Make sure you always use a fully licensed and insured contractor for any type of roofing work at your home.

Who is Responsible for Clean Up and Debris Removal

Removing the old roofing materials will create a lot of debris that will need to be removed and disposed of. Sometimes this ends up as an extra cost at the end of the project. Make sure the debris removal costs and responsibility are included in the roof contract.

What Happens if There is a Problem Such as Weather During the Installation?

Planning ahead of the project is crucial to a great job. However, sometimes weather just doesn’t agree. Ask the roof contractor in Troy Michigan about plans in cases of inclement weather or equipment breakdown.

Are Protections Put into Place to Protect My Home?

While getting a new roof installed on your home can protect the roof what will be done to protect the rest of my home while the project is going on. Heavy trucks on driveways can sometime crack or sink the driveways. Another common problem is gutter damage from ladders and such. Talk with the contractor about ways they can protect your home during the roof installation.

What is the Warranty on My New Roof?

There are many different qualities of roofing materials that are sold today. Higher quality materials usually come with longer warranties. Make sure you inquire about the roofing warranty and workmanship warranty on your home’s roof.

What Will The Project Cost?

Having a roof installed on your home can be expensive. However, not knowing what the entire project will cost before it begins can be even more expensive. Make sure you always get an estimate for the project in writing before the project.

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