What Steps Should Be Taken if You Have Water Damage in Your Birmingham Michigan Home

Water Damage Birmingham MI

There are lots of problems that can occur in your home that allows it to have water damage. From broken pipes that spray water into your home to a roof leak which allows water into the home from problems on the roof. However, no matter what the cause of the water entering your home it’s important to get it repaired as quickly as possible. In this article I’ll go over what you should do if you have water damage Birmingham MI and the steps you should take to save money on repairs and stop some of the damage from occurring in your home. I’ll also discuss some of the things you’ll need to look for if you have recently have had water damage in your home. 

What Steps Should Be Taken if You Have Water Damage in Your Birmingham Michigan Home

When water damage occurs in your home it is usually by complete surprise. Typically water damage will occur during storms or problems with the plumbing and this usually isn’t something anyone thinks about until it happens. For home owners living in Birmingham Michigan however there is a good home restoration contractor that can help you if this does happen to you which I’ll go over later in the article. But when water damage occurs in your home taking steps to reduce some of the damage can save money on repairs and also help to keep your home more structurally sound.

What Steps Should Be Taken if You Have Water Damage in Your Birmingham Michigan Home

Stop the Water if Possible

One of the biggest problems with most water damage is that it’s allowed to continue even after it’s noticed. If a roof is leaking then be sure to use pots or buckets if you have them to catch any water that may be coming into the home. You’ll need to keep emptying the pots or buckets even after it stops raining due to the insulation usually will continue leaking water into the ceiling. You can also call a roofing contractor to put in a temporary repair until the storm has passed if they offer emergency roofing service. But for things like broken plumbing pipes you’ll need to stop the water from that particular pipe if possible. If you’re unable to stop the water from that pipe using valve stops or otherwise turning the water off at your home’s water main is needed. Turning off the water valve for your home will stop all water from coming into your home but it will also stop any more water from leaking into the home.

Be Careful of Electrical Wires, Circuits, Etc.

One thing you’ll need to be very careful about is the electrical outlets and connections in your home. Water is a conductor of electricity and it’s dangerous to be around if they start to mix. Wires and electrical components in water can be dangerous and you should avoid them. Only if you’re absolutely sure there is no electricity present should you proceed at removing items from water including televisions, wires, or other components.

Dry the Area and Furniture

Once you’ve got the water stopped and you start cleaning up the area you’ll need to get things dry as quickly as possible. This includes rugs, furniture, walls, and floors. Any standing water needs to be removed quickly and the area dried as soon as possible. Allowing water to continue to sit in your home in areas can start growing mold which can be really problematic.

Be Careful of Small Leaks or Problems

Although most roof leaks and plumbing pipe problems can be located and seen easily be weary of small leaks that may develop over time. You may notice discolored spots on your ceilings and walls. If you do it’s possible and likely that you have a leak which may is damaging your home. Slow leaks such as this can be notorious for allowing mold to grow in your home since they go on for so long without anyone noticing. If you see a discoloration on your ceilings or walls be sure to get it checked right away.

Call a Home Restoration Contractor if Needed

When you home in Birmingham Michigan has been damaged by water it’s always best to call a home restoration contractor. One of the best home restoration contractors to use is Michigan Restoration Pros. If you have water damage in your Birmingham Michigan home be sure to call Michigan Restoration Pros today at 248-509-8104



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