Have a Better Smelling Home in Michigan with These Tips on 30 Tables

Better Smelling Home in Michigan

Are you tired of the smell that is coming from the kitchen of your Michigan home? Does your kid’s room smell like sweat? How about your bathroom? Does the smell coming from the bathroom drive you crazy? If your Michigan home has an odor and you need help with getting rid of the odor, continue reading this article. In this article, you will find tips for a better smelling home in Michigan. One of the most embarrassing things we go through with our homes is having company over and having an odor in our home. And no matter how hard we try, sometimes we simply need a little help with getting rid of the smell and that’s where 30 Tables comes in. Continue for tips on making your Michigan home smell better.

Use Baking Soda to Remove Odors from Your Michigan Home

One of the ways you can remove odors from your home is by using Baking Soda. This is one of the oldest tricks used to remove odors in your home. There are a few different ways to use the baking soda and how you use it will depend on the odor and the location the odor is coming from. For example, if the smell is coming from your refrigerator, open a box of Baking Soda and sit it somewhere in your refrigerator. You can sit it anywhere in the refrigerator. Another example would be to use it on your carpet. If the carpet in your Michigan home has an odor, you can sprinkle the Baking Soda on the carpet and allow it to sit for about 5 – 10 minutes and then vacuum it up. Baking Soda is one of the inexpensive ways to get rid of odors in your Michigan home.

Use Carpet Freshener to Remove Odors from Your Home

Another way to tackle odors is to use carpet freshener. Even if the odor isn’t coming from the carpet, sometimes simply using the carpet freshener is enough to eliminate the odors in your Michigan home. There are many different types of carpet freshener available for you to purchase and you can purchase them for as cheap as a dollar. Once you vacuum the carpet freshener up, the whole room should smell fresh.

Make Sure You Have Air Flowing

Another tip for a better smelling home in Michigan is to have air flowing. Sometimes having a house shut up can cause unwanted odors. This type of odor can be eliminated by simply opening the windows up and turning fans on. This will allow the air to flow through your Michigan home and allow the fresh air to come in.

Better Smelling Home in Michigan

Burn Scented Candles & Essential Oils

Scented candles and essential oils are another option for making your home smell better. This option is actually very popular and works great. You can buy essential oil burners from many places such as Wal-mart, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and Target. You can also buy the burners from different places online such as eBay and Amazon.

Sometimes having a house shut up can cause unwanted odors. This type of odor can be eliminated by simply opening the windows and turning fans on.

Call the Professionals at Downriver Cleanup & Restoration

Sometimes removing odors from our homes can be a bit more complicated if the odor is coming from a source such as standing water, wet carpet, smoke, fire or something similar. If you have had water damage in your home, it can lead to an awful odor and usually the only way to get rid of that odor is to call the professionals. If you had a small fire in your Michigan home, it is near impossible to get rid of the smell without calling the professionals.

If you stay in the Downriver, Michigan, area and you need the professionals to come out and take care of the odor in your home, contact Downriver Cleanup & Restoration today. They are a wonderful company who always gets the job done. Click the link to visit their website, or use the information below to contact them. Their team of professionals have all the tools needed to cleanup any disaster and remove the odors that those disasters leave behind. Don’t be ashamed to invite your family and friends over because your home in Michigan has a bad odor. Instead, try the tips above, or call Downriver Cleanup & Restoration for the tougher odors that need the professionals.

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