Top 3 Mistakes To Avoid When Replacing Your Home Windows in Ann Arbor Michigan

Typically home windows in Ann Arbor Michigan will have a lifespan of 8-20 years before deteriorating and cause problems such as energy bill fluctuations. The older windows get, the seals around them will start cracking and getting weaker, which can let air flow out of your home. That can lead to your energy bill rising every month.

Top 3 Mistakes To Avoid When Replacing Your Home Windows in Ann Arbor Michigan

If you monitor your energy bill every month and see that it’s going higher and higher every month, then there’s a chance that your homes windows have come to the end of their lifespan. In this article, we’re going to cover the top 8 mistakes you should avoid when replacing your homes windows. These mistakes can cost you a lot of time, cost, and hassle so being aware of them in the beginning is always the best.

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How To Tell if Your Windows Need To Be Replaced

How can you tell if your windows do need to be replaced? Not all homeowners will know when there windows should be replaced, which leads a lot of homeowners not knowing the damages old windows are causing to their home.

If you’re not sure if it’s time to get your windows replaced, then you should consult with a local company about them. Typically these companies will ask you a series of questions to determine if your windows should be replaced or not. Here’s a little list on some signs you should look out for.

1: Windows Age

First off, how old is your window? Like previously stated, windows do have a lifespan and that should be addressed when they ask.

2: Seals Are Damaged

If you take a close look around your windows, you could possibly see if any of the sealant used is cracked or damaged. While you’re taking a proper look, see if your glass is broken as well. If the glass is broken, it’s always ideal to have it repaired but sometimes you don’t need to have the whole frame of the window repaired, you can get by with having just the panel of glass replaced, however if you do notice any type of cracks or damage in the sealant around the windows frame, then you should go ahead and just replace the whole window frame to save hassle in the future.

3: Raise in Energy Bills

Of course if you notice any type of raise in your monthly energy bill, then there’s a chance it can be caused by your windows not keeping the air inside of your home.

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Here’s 3 Mistakes To Avoid When Replacing Your Windows

1: DIY Window Replacement

We all love to save money in every aspect of life, however sometimes to save money is actually getting a professional to do the job first instead of afterwards. If you want the best looking finish and longevity of your new windows, then trying to do this replacement yourself can potentially ruin that. If you hire a professional, then you have a higher chance of everything being done completely proper and having mishaps.

2: Not Matching Your Homes Appeal

Every homeowner wants a beautiful aesthetically pleasing home, however if you decide to do a window replacement yourself, then you may find yourself stuck on picking the best windows to fit your homes appeal. Professionals do window replacements all the time and know what fits best with each home. If you do decide to do it yourself, then make sure you pick the right windows to fit your homes look and feel.

3: Buying Terrible Windows

When looking for windows to purchase, there will always be those terrible windows sold by a salesman who only cares to make quick cash. These windows won’t last long and cause plenty of problems in the future. So when picking a window, you have to ensure you’re getting a good quality window and not just from someone who wants to make fast cash off of you for not knowing good quality over bad quality.

Hire a Contractor First

Doing a window replacement yourself can indeed save you money, but if you don’t know the right signs to look for then it could also cost you 3 times more than what it would of cost you if you would have hired a professional to do it in the first place. Most homeowners make these mistakes when they go about replacing their homes windows and end up in a rut. So if you decide to tackle this project, just look out for these mistakes and avoid them at all cost.

It’s always best to hire a contractor for a major home improvement project such as replacing your home windows. Be sure to call Ann Arbor Remodeling Contractor today at (734) 619-1271 for a free quote and consultation on your home windows project.

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