What Type of Roofing in Troy Michigan Works Well in Winter?

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Winter is never a great time for any roof. With the sitting moisture and weight of snow, the freezing temperatures and the possibility of ice dams, it is a lot for your roofing in Troy Michigan to handle. But you can help your roof by providing it with the best tools for the job. There are several options when it comes to your home’s roof which work well in winter. We’ll go over them to help you decide which is best for your home.

What Type of Roofing in Troy Michigan Works Well in Winter?

One of the most common types of roofing in Troy Michigan is asphalt shingle roofing. It’s affordable, durable, and holds up well in the Michigan weather. Even in the cold of winter, these shingles perform well.

What Type of Roofing in Troy Michigan Works Well in Winter?

Metal roofs are becoming more and more popular as homeowners quickly realize how beneficial they can be. No matter what time of year, metal roofs seem to be able to rise to the occasion and meet the needs of homeowners. But to see just how much of a difference metal sheeting makes, just take a look at how it works in winter.

Which is Less Prone to Damage

Metal roofs are either tiles or slabs of sheets. Both these options are much more durable than asphalt shingles, but sheeting also provides greater durability because of the single piece design. The sheeting’s solid design means there are no spaces for moisture to get in like in shingles or tiles. You simply need to worry about the flashings and fascia board.

Ice dams are also much less of a threat than with shingles or tiles because of the solid design. While you still need to keep your gutters clear and prevent water from sitting on your roof, you will have greater durability to prevent the ice from damaging the covering.

One problem you may have with metal roofing that you won’t have with asphalt shingle roofing is dents. Depending on the thickness of the metal it can be easily damaged and dented by weather. While asphalt shingles can also be damaged by weather they have a bit of give which helps protect from things like hail.

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Which is Easier to Remove Snow

Metal sheeting is much sleeker than other roof coverings, making it easier for snow and debris to slide off. This helps to prevent large amounts of snow from sitting on your roof, and makes it easier to rake off snow manually. The solid design means there is no need to worry about catching shingles or damaging them in the process.

Typically for asphalt shingle roofing the pitch is greater which helps the snow to leave the roof. While not as slick as metal roofing, asphalt shingles that are on a higher pitch can give the same effect.

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Greater Energy Efficiency

If you want to improve your roof’s chances of surviving the winter, and save some money, metal sheeting is a must. This is because you can expect greater energy efficiency with metal roof coverings than with other materials. The metal provides you with more insulation that materials like asphalt, and creates a greater barrier between the interior and exterior temperatures of your home. This means less heat loss and less cold air coming in. the amount of melting and freezing done on your roof will also decrease, preventing damage from things like ice dams.

The metal sheeting is also great the rest of the year for saving money on energy bills because of the light colors and reflective coatings. This helps to avoid heat absorption and makes it easier to regulate your home’s interior temperature.

Easy to Install

Whether you are a month or a year away from the next snow fall, you can easily upgrade to a metal roof. This is because they can be installed in a day and don’t require many adjustments to accommodate them. Because metal sheeting is so light, there is no need to worry about whether or not your roof can handle any excess weight or structural changes. They also come with very long warranties, making your investment smart in both the long and short term.

Whatever roofing material you are considering for your home’s re-roofing project be sure to always use a fully qualified roofing contractor. Call Troy Roofing Pros at 248-509-8015 for a free quote on your new roof installation today.

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