What You Need To Know About Skylight Installation in Downriver Michigan

skylight in Downriver MI

If you are looking to add some more natural light in you home, while also creating a beautiful feature, a skylight installation in your Downriver Michigan home is a great option. But skylights aren’t always the easiest of installations and it’s usually best to leave the skylight installation to a qualified roofing contractor in Downriver Michigan. To make sure you are prepared for the installation of your skylight and fully committed to the investment, you need to know what you are getting into.

What You Need To Know About Skylight Installation in Downriver Michigan

Chances are you’re not a contractor yourself, and you should defer to an experienced roofer to handle the job of installing a new skylight. Even small problems with your roof can quickly become a major issue and can affect your entire home. Skylights require you to not only create an opening in your roof, but cut through shingles and seal off the area around it. Otherwise, you can end up with moisture damage, leaks and loss of efficiency in your home. Anything that penetrates the roofing surface can cause a lot of headaches and leaks if it’s not done properly. And installing a skylight will usually require a hole in the roof of some sort.

What You Need To Know About Skylight Installation in Downriver Michigan

Look for licensed and insured roofers in Downriver Michigan that have worked to install skylights before. Ask to see examples of past work and references to make sure that the work will be quality. You should also have a detailed contract signed by both parties.

Double Check Your Measurements

The phrase measure twice, cut once is used for a reason. You don’t want to end up trying to fix your roof after cutting too much or cutting it in the wrong spot. Make sure you measure where you want your skylight and how big you want it, and recheck it before cutting. You should also include these measurements in the contract to make sure there is no mistake.

Make Sure Your Home Is Compatible

While you may want to have your skylight in a specific area, it may not be structurally ideal. You should look at the blueprints of your home, as well as getting a contractor to inspect the area. This will help to reduce the risk of problems and make sure you get the skylight you want in your home. Otherwise, you may end up with a hole in your roof that you can’t actually use.

Use Quality Materials

A skylight is essentially another window in your home. Just because it is on the roof doesn’t mean you don’t need to take the same precautions you would use with any other window. You need to factor in the seal, the glass and the frame material. It is recommended that you use a non-porous material like vinyl to help eliminate problems like warping, rot and mold that can happen in materials like wood. You should also consider how the skylight will impact your home’s energy efficiency and should go with thick, high quality glass and windows that have great Energy-Star ratings.

Plan For Rain

Moisture is a major threat to your Downriver Michigan home as it is. When you introduce a skylight to your roof you must make sure that you are creating the most waterproof area possible. Otherwise, you can end up with leaks, water damage, mold, and even structural issues. Drywalling the area around your skylight is also a good idea because it will help make the area look cleaner and will add insulation and water resistance around the window.

It is also important to make sure that you install the skylight on a sunny day, with no risk of rain or snow. This is because any moisture in the air can end up in the insulation or other areas closed off after installation is completed. Once the moisture is in, it is almost impossible to get out and can wreak havoc on your home.

Talk with the roofing contractor to determine the best time and day to install the skylight. Sometimes a more pliable material is needed to properly seal the skylight which may require higher temperatures and warmer weather. If you’re interested in getting a skylight in your Downriver Michigan home be sure to call a contractor such as Downriver Roofers today at 734-548-9911.

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