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You’ve found the perfect home and now you want to make it unique and personalized. The only problem is you don’t know where to start or even who to call to make this happen. After a few friends recommendations you realize there’s a lot more to home renovation that you first anticipated.

Maybe you own your home and you’re looking for ways to improve on it. Even small home improvement jobs require lots of planning to do them right. Just knowing where to start can sometimes be problematic.

Those reasons and more were exactly what we try to solve here at 30Tables. Home improvement and home renovation can be a really big headache unless you have the tools and connections you need. Whether you’re doing it yourself or planning to hire contractors or even sub-contractors our advice and know-how can help your project run better and faster than if you go it alone.

All Contactors Aren’t Made the Same

If you’ve ever hired a bad contractor to do a project for you then you know exactly how bad it can be. Missed deadlines and sloppy work is the sign that you’re likely being taken advantage of. We aim to only provide the best contractors here at 30Tables because we realize just how bad those bad ones can be.

If we feature a contractor here at 30Tables in a post be sure to comment and add your feedback so that others will know the type of work they do. Many contractors may deliver on their promises but if someone goes the extra mile then we’d love to hear about it.

We feature articles about home improvement and renovation on a regular basis and love to hear feedback from our customers. We accept comments on many of the blog posts and also we offer a contact page if you want to get in touch.

Learning the Lingo

From plumbing to electrical and back to structural there are many different ways things can go wrong. So it’s important that you convey the message correctly when speaking with a contractor. Some of the posts and articles on this site will feature certain lingo that many of the contractors use. You may not know the difference between a quartz and granite countertop but we’ll do our best to explain it to you. Plus, we’ll attempt to explain it in a way that makes sense.

When I first started in construction and building products I didn’t know the difference between architectural shingles and 3 Tab shingles. My contractor talked me into getting 3 tab which were less expensive. However, after the project was complete I seriously doubted my choice and had to look at those shingles for years.

Don’t let this happen to you. Keep visiting 30Tables for help on your next home improvement or home renovation project. If not you may start regretting the decisions you make simply because you didn’t know or even understand the choices.

Remember, it’s your home and you’ll need to live with those choices. So make the right one by starting here at 30Tables.com


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