Are Your Pipes Noisy? You May Need a Plumber in Downriver Michigan to Help

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We all know those dreaded sounds our houses can make that instantly instill fear in us that looming repairs are near. One of these is when your plumbing begins to make itself known with that well known thumping or rattling noise in the walls. We’re not only annoyed with the noises, but we also know that they likely are due to some underlying problem that we will have to fix. Having a plumber in Downriver Michigan come out and make repairs may be needed but it’s also important to understand exactly what’s happening with your pipes.

Are Your Pipes Noisy? You May Need a Plumber in Downriver Michigan to Help

It may seem like something that is simple easily fixed but when it comes to noisy pipes there can be all sorts of problems going on behind the scenes or walls that can be trouble. Understanding just what that problem is, we may not exactly know until we get a plumber involved which can check the pipes in your home. Some of us wouldn’t even be able to take a guess at what the noises could mean. Here are a few reasons that your water pipes could be rattling or making noise in your walls.

Are Your Pipes Noisy? You May Need a Plumber in Downriver Michigan to Help

Water Hammer

Banging or rattling in your plumbing is often called a ‘water hammer’. This can be due to a blocked vent pipe that creates a vacuum and causes the noise. You can try to easily correct this yourself by shutting off the main water supply then turning on the faucet that’s at the highest place in the home (think furthest away from the water supply). Then turn on the faucet closes to the main water supply or at the lowest place in the home. This will drain the water from your lines, allowing them to empty and have air in them. Turn off the lowest faucet and turn your main water line back on. Let the pipes fill up until they have reached the highest faucet. While this method can work it’s important to understand that some of the water will remain even with both faucets open. Many plumbers will inject air into the pipes to remove all the water and introduce more air.

Loose Mounts

Sometimes the humming or rattling sounds you hear coming from your plumbing is due to having loose mounts along your water lines somewhere. You’ll need to check the pipes in your home, fittings included, so that you can find any loose mounts and fittings to have fixed. This could be what’s causing the noises in your walls but it could also lead to leaks in the walls that you don’t know about! This may be the ghosts that some people talk about rattling things around in their homes. For broken or loose mounts inside walls, the drywall may need to be removed in areas of your home to repair.

High Pressure

Banging and rattling noises could also be due to high water pressure. This is more than likely the case if you hear these noises when you are turning water faucets off or on. You can contact a trusted plumber in Downriver Michigan to install a regulator or reduction valve to help alleviate this issue. These would allow for water to flow at a better speed, which should make those noises stop but also work wonders for your plumbing and appliances that use water! Sometimes a plumber can also install a large water hammer arrestor in the main line which can also allow the water pressure to fade off rather than abruptly stop which can help with noise.

Always Have a Plumber Inspect or Repair Your Pipes

The plumbing in your home is an important part of it’s function. Without proper plumbing you quickly realize how lucky we are to be living in this time. With that being said, when there is a problem with your plumbing it’s always best to have a properly trained and qualified plumber in Downriver Michigan inspect and repair the problem. Even for something that seems simple such as noisy pipes, having a qualified plumber is a must. Be sure to call the experts at Downriver Plumber for help with any noisy pipes in your home at (734) 548-9925.

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