Best Ways to Form A Good Relationship with Your Roofing Contractor in Downriver MI

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There are so many articles out there on how to find the right roofing contractor. But how do you handle the relationship once the contract is signed? It is important to know how to navigate the situation, without hovering, or being too passive. There is a way to form a good working relationship with your roofer in Downriver Michigan, while still getting what you need done.

Best Ways to Form A Good Relationship with Your Roofing Contractor in Downriver MI

One of the biggest problems you’ll face when you need a roofing contractor in Downriver Michigan is that you’ll only need them every decade or so. Since most roofing materials will last from 15 to 25 years, the need to have the roof replaced or repaired only happens during that time frame which means the roofing contractor you hire today may not be around in 15 years. Finding a reputable roofer that has been in business for some time is the best to ensure they will be there if you need them again in the future. Even if it’s 15 years from now. With that being said, here are some tips to help you form a good relationship with your roofing contractor.

Best Ways to Form A Good Relationship with Your Roofing Contractor in Downriver MI

Don’t Be Afraid to Communicate

Communication is key in any contract deal. From the first contact with a contractor, to the very last day on the job, you need to be comfortable talking to them and asking questions. Otherwise, you can end up with a contractor taking the lead and doing what they think you want. While it may be good intention, they can’t read your mind and you need to speak up and make your wishes known.

By providing an active dialogue the whole way through, you can guarantee you have been clear and are getting the job done to your specifications. It is also important so you don’t suddenly seem rude or bossy when things aren’t as you wanted. Talking doesn’t have to be personal or take a long time, but you should make sure you are talking about the job itself.

Write Things Down

Writing things down doesn’t just mean the initial contract. You also need to keep track of things along the way through notes. For example, if you decide to change something from your initial contract, you need to put it in writing to make it valid. Changes need to be documented in the same way as the initial contract, preferable on the same page, and initialed and dated by both parties. This will make sure it is legally binding and holds up as part of the contract. You should also write down important information provided by the contractor to have it to reference later on if needed.

Check In

The best way to make sure you avoid any problems with your roof work is to check in periodically. This does not mean hovering or pestering. Instead, either once a week or after a section has been completed, you should just ask how everything is going. Keep it friendly and aim to sound interested in the features of the work, rather than worrying about the contractor’s capabilities.

You never want to sound like you are questioning their qualifications or accusing them of doing a bad job. The initial process of finding a contractor will mean finding an experienced professional. Don’t second guess your judgement, but instead look at the job analytically. Focus on checking in on the stages of the work and if they ran into any surprises along the way. This will get you the information you want, without being overbearing or seeming to doubt their work.

Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up

At the end of the day, this is your home and your money paying for it. If you notice that there is clearly an issue, you should feel comfortable enough to speak up and ask for clarification. If they aren’t doing the job as your contract dictates, you need to bring it up before they finish the job so it can be corrected.

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