Everything You Need to Know About New Counter-tops Installed in Your Plymouth Michigan Home

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Counter-tops are important for a variety of reasons. Firstly, all the cooking prep you do will most likely be on your counter-tops. Also, your counter-tops should seamlessly integrate into your kitchen’s overall aesthetic. So, counter-tops act as a functional and design element. Choosing a counter-top for your Plymouth Michigan home can be difficult however. In this article we’ll look at sever different materials that you can discuss with your home improvement contractor in Plymouth Michigan and determine what your counter-top should look like and be made of. 

Everything You Need to Know About New Counter-tops Installed in Your Plymouth Michigan Home

Getting new counter-tops installed in your Plymouth Michigan home can be difficult if you don’t know anything about counter-tops. So, here’s a quick guide on everything you need to know about getting new counter-tops installed in your home, so it’s an easy and painless process! Also some of the things you should be looking for in each of the options you have available for counter-tops.

Everything You Need to Know About New Counter-tops Installed in Your Plymouth Michigan Home

Understand the Basics of Tile

Although you have the option of various materials for your counter-tops, tile is argumentatively the best modern material. This is mainly due to the fact tile is quite budget friendly and easy to manipulate.

Tile is also heat resistant. This means you can place hot objects directly on your counter-tops without worrying about damaging them. Another perk of tile is the fact it comes in various designs and styles that emulate other materials. So, you can create virtually any aesthetic with a tile counter-top.

Consider Budget

If you’re still unsure about tile, maybe considering affordability will help you reconsider. Let’s breakdown price points. On average, more luxurious materials like marble and granite are usually priced per square foot from $4 to $7. Some luxurious materials even rank in at $30 per square foot. But, tile is usually priced at $2 to $3 per square foot.

It’s also important to consider that the above prices are just the averages for the materials themselves. This means you still have to factor in the price of labor, which is usually pricier for more luxurious materials because they’re harder to manipulate than tile.

While the price differences between tile and more luxurious materials seem minuscule, it adds up quickly. Ultimately, you could save hundreds of dollars by utilizing tile instead of another counter-top material.

Think About Design

One of the biggest things you should consider is the design of your countertops. Of course, your contractor can help you create a flawless design that matches the design and space of your kitchen perfectly. But, it will make the process a little bit easier if you come to your consultation with a few inspiration ideas in mind.

Nowadays, counter-tops come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Some counter-tops are simple, while others have small patterns. Sometimes, homeowners choose to use different materials for their counter-tops and back-splash to create dimension, and other times the same materials are used to create a minimalist design.

If you’re feeling stumped when trying to think of the design of your new countertops, check out Pinterest! Pinterest is a great way to get design inspiration while keeping all of your ideas organized in a board, so you and your contractor can easily view them.

The Bottom Line

Although DIY projects are all the rave nowadays, your counter-tops aren’t something you want to build yourself. Unless you’re a licensed contractor, building a safe and durable counter-top will most likely be a difficult task.

Even though how-to guides and YouTube videos exist, you ultimately need a certain level of experience and skills to adequately install new counter-tops that you can’t acquire on the internet. Plus, installing your own counter-tops in Plymouth Michigan can get expensive quickly.

That’s why you should leave all the labor to the professionals and contact your local contractor if you’re interested in getting new counter-tops! While your contractor is installing your new counter-tops, feel free to do an artsy DIY project for something that you can utilize on your counter-tops, such as cute jars to organize food or kitchen utensils!

Get an Estimate First

Are you considering new counter-tops in Plymouth Michigan? Be sure to call the number one home improvement contractor in Plymouth Michigan today for a free consultation. Home Pros Plymouth is a fully licensed and insured home improvement contractor in Plymouth Michigan and offers free consultations on home improvement projects.

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