Home Windows in Ann Arbor Michigan: Ten Styles You’ll Love

Windows in Ann Arbor MI

When renovating your home, or designing a brand new one, you may not consider the importance of choosing the correct window style to optimize your view. Odds are you want to be able to look out and enjoy the world around you, so why not take the time to ensure you have the optimal windows to do just that? We’ve compiled a list of the 10 window styles that are most popular for getting the best possible views from your home. Be sure to consider these types and designs for replacement windows in Ann Arbor Michigan

Home Windows in Ann Arbor Michigan: Ten Styles You’ll Love

Replacing your home’s windows can have a huge effect on energy efficiency, curb appeal, safety, and overall home value. Upgrading standard windows to more intrinsic designs and types of windows can have an even more pronounced effect. Here are some of the window types that are used in Ann Arbor Michigan:

Home Windows in Ann Arbor Michigan: Ten Styles You’ll Love

  1. Picture Windows – With no moving parts, and also called a fixed window, the picture window does what its name entails: provides a pretty picture to view. A picture window allows natural light in and provides you with a great glimpse into the wide open spaces outside.
  2. Sliding Windows – As the largest operating windows available, sliding windows have a fixed pane and a moving pane to allow fresh air in when you want without compromising your view. As one of the most popular types, these come in a great variety of styles and sizes for your home needs.
  3. Bay and Bow Windows – To truly capture a wide view of the great outdoors, a specialized space just for window sitting is your best bet. Bay and bow windows do just that where a nook is created to put a window seat where you can sit and enjoy the scenery for hours on end.
  4. Casement Windows – Cranking open on a track, these windows look great and work well if you are someone who likes to open the windows to let fresh air in. By placing multiple casement windows next to one another, you can create a unique and picturesque view that you can get from an entire room!
  5. Double Hung Windows – These windows keep with a traditional style but offer versatility in the operation of them. You are able to get better views with these windows without leaning too far into the modern age of window potential.
  6. Single Hung Windows – Much like double-hung windows, the single-hung window only opens from the bottom sash. Combining the efficiency of an operable window with the elegance of a classic window, the single-hung window allows you the best of both worlds.
  7. Awning Windows – These windows allow you to get a view in rooms which otherwise would not want a giant window in, such as a bathroom or closet. At eye level, these windows keep private matters private while allowing you to view outside if you wish.
  8. Geometric Windows – Perhaps your home has some intriguing architecture that would best be accentuated with a shaped window. Whether it is to capture a view from the vaulted ceiling or to work around staircases or foyer areas, a geometric window can provide a wonderful view but also adds additional character and charisma to your home.
  9. Corner Windows – Did you know that you can actually wrap a window around the corner of your home? You can! By doing this, you can capture a multiple angle view of your surroundings. Bay and bow windows aren’t the only way to get a widespread view in your home!
  10. Custom Windows – If no other option best captures the beauty of the scenery around your home, you can always opt to customize a particular window to best suit your home. You can choose from various shapes and sizes, patterns, finishes, and more to ensure you aren’t neglecting both the look of your home and the view that is possible. By opting for a custom window, you also will have a one of a kind look in your home.

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