Household Cleaning Tips Everyone Should Know

There are many household cleaning tips available on the World Wide Web. However, there are some tips everyone should know and use often to get the most out of their cleaning duties. If you’re like me and dread cleaning most of the times, these tips will definitely help you. If you are the type of person who burns melts and candles to try and keep your home smelling good, these tips will benefit you as well. There are many great household cleaning tips in this article that will help everyone who cleans. If you need a little help in the cleaning area, continue reading this tips guide.

Household Cleaning Tips Everyone Should Know

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#1 – Eliminate Food Odor – The odor of some foods cooking in the kitchen are awful. It seems no matter what you do, you simply can’t get rid of the odor. Don’t stress, there is a simple odor eliminator you can do for your kitchen. Use a jar and place about 10 to 15 cotton balls in it and cover the cotton balls with vinegar. Leave the jar open and the food odor will disappear. This is one of the best household cleaning tips there is because food odors are one of the hardest odors to get rid of.

#2 – Eliminate Food Odor in Containers – Does that bowl still smell like cabbage after you have already washed it five times? Try a little bleach when you wash it next time. Bleach helps eliminate food odors in containers. You can use a tad bit of bleach out of your laundry room, or you can use bleach spray cleaner. After you have washed it with bleach, wash it again with dish washing liquid.

#3 – Dishwasher Cleaning Tip – A lot of times, when we use the dishwasher, our dishes come out spotty. They hardly ever come out shiny. That has now changed. When you pour the dish washing liquid in the dishwasher, add a couple tablespoons of vinegar to the liquid. Then proceed as usual. The dishes will come out looking like new.

#4 – Food Stuck on Microwave – We are all guilty of having some type of food stuck to the microwave. Sometimes it feels like it is impossible to get the food off the inside walls of the microwave. Well, now there is a trick for that. Wet a wash cloth and strain the water out with your hands. Place the wash cloth in the microwave on high for one minute. The steam from the wash cloth will loosen the food stuck to the walls of the microwave. After it cuts off, use the cloth to wipe out the microwave.

#5 – Cleaning Behind the Sink – Depending on the type of sink you have in your kitchen and bathroom, you may find that it is difficult to clean down behind them. That’s where an old toothbrush comes in handy. Spray your cleaning solution behind the sink and use the toothbrush to scrub back there. Then use a cloth to wipe up the mess.

#6 – Get Rid of Closet Odors – Closet odors can be awful. If there is an odor in the closet, your clothes and shows will soon smell like the odor that is lingering in the closet. To get rid of the odor, get a couple pieces of charcoal and place it in a bowl or cup. Then place it in the bottom of your closet in a corner somewhere.

Sometimes the best cleaning tips are the ones that use the everyday things we have laying around the house such as vinegar and baking soda. Sometimes things laying around the house are great for water cleanup as well. If you have a leak or some type of flooding in your home, you need to make sure you clean the water up right away and make sure you use the appropriate cleaning supplies to stop mold and mildew buildup. If you have experienced a flood or leak and you are dealing with water damage, it is probably best to call a cleanup company to come out and take care of it for you. If you are in the Downriver Michigan area, call Downriver Cleanup and Restoration. They are a great company with a reputation to back it. Don’t try to tackle water cleanup on your own, give them a call to ensure all the proper steps are taken to avoid any mildew and mold buildup.

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