The Costs of Not Getting a New Roof in Canton Michigan When Needed

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Everyone wants to think that their roof will last a long time. While most roofing materials will last years and years it won’t last forever and sooner or later you’ll need to replace the roof on your home. The biggest question is when should you replace it. Having a roof contractor in Canton Michigan replace your roof can be expensive and many home owners will put off getting a new roof as long as they can to avoid this expense. However, avoiding getting a new roof when you need it will likely cost you more in the long run and it can lead to all sorts of problems the longer you wait.

The Costs of Not Getting a New Roof in Canton Michigan When Needed

Since roof replacement in Canton Michigan can cost a few thousand dollars home owners will not get this project done immediately. Sometimes weather can play a role in how fast your roof is replaced along with other factors. In any case, when you need a roof installed on your home it’s important to get it done as quickly as possible. If you don’t, here are some problems and associated costs of putting off the roof replacement to a later date:

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Constantly Getting Roof Repairs

As roofing materials age they start to break down. During this process some of the roofing materials will fail first. When that happens you can get a roof repair done to fix the roof leak but as more and more of the roofing shingles start to break down you’ll have more and more leaks. This means you’ll constantly need roof repairs on your home which the costs can quickly add up fast.

Water Damages from Roof Leaks

When a roof leak occurs on your home it’s usually not just the roof that is affected. The water coming into the home from a roof leak can lead to all sorts of damages. At very least it will likely damage and saturate the insulation in your attic. And as the water comes in contact with drywall it can stain and damage it. While a small roof leak may not seem like much of a problem, if you have multiple roof leaks on your home it can quickly start damaging many areas in your home which will cost more and more to repair.

Lower Energy Efficiency in Your Home

One function of the roof on your home is to provide an additional layer of insulation in your home. As your home develops roof leaks and the insulation in your attic gets saturated with water it can lead to less energy efficiency in your home. Also as roof leaks develop and cracks are open to the exterior, it can lead to other energy efficiency problems as well.

Less Protection During Storms

As I mentioned above, over time the roofing shingles on your home start to break down. When they start to break down like this they become more rigid and break away from the roof easier. So during storms the winds that hit the roof that is new may not cause any problems, when your roof is older, the roofing shingles may be blown away from the roof. This can leave your home more exposed during storms, especially if they have high winds associated with them. And the older the roof is, the more this break down will occur. So a roof that was able to withstand 30mph winds last year may not be able to handle that this year.

Higher Replacement Costs

During problems on your roof and water enters your home it can lead to additional costs during a roof replacement. One big problem that many people don’t consider is the problem of mold growing in their home from a roof leak that continues over time. All of these problems can be compounded if you don’t get a roof replacement when needed.

Damages to Underlying Structure

The water entering your home from a roof leak can also damage other structural components of your home. As water can damage wooden structure components along with roof decking these will be additional costs to replace when you decide to get a roof replacement done. Don’t put off getting your new roof any longer. If you need a new roof installed on your Canton Michigan home be sure to speak with one of the roofing experts at Twelve Oaks Roofing today by calling 248-525-6950

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