4 Types of Bay Windows You Need to Know About in Southgate Michigan

While many homeowners are aware that bay windows are a great option if you want to bring in an influx of natural light into your home in a practical and functional way, most homeowners are unaware that there are actually various types of bay windows. Getting new windows in Southgate Michigan can certainly have many advantages to your home. And if you’re getting replacement windows in Southgate Michigan installed be sure to also consider adding a bay window to your home. We’ll look at the 4 types of bay windows you may have installed in your home. 

That being said, it can be difficult to decide which type of bay window is right for your home. So, we’ve created a short guide on how you can decide which bay window is right for you. Continue reading to learn about the four types of bay windows!

4 Types of Bay Windows You Need to Know About in Southgate Michigan

How does a lower electricity bill each month sound? One of the advantages of getting replacement windows in your home is better energy efficiency. Along with that better energy efficiency comes those lower electric bills which everyone enjoys. Replacement windows can also add value to your home’s overall value and curb appeal. When you also install a bay window in your home it can make a huge difference in your home’s curb appeal and value. Understanding the different types of bay windows can give you a idea about how they may look on your home. Here are the most common types of bay windows in Southgate Michigan:

4 Types of Bay Windows You Need to Know About in Southgate Michigan


When you think about bay windows, you most likely think about canted bay windows. These windows are the classic silhouette that many homeowners have in their living rooms, and are mostly found in Victorian homes.

Basically, canted bay windows are comprised of three or four individual windows that have a flat front pane and sides running parallel from the individual windows to the home’s exterior. This creates the traditional timeless look that many homeowners hope to achieve with bay windows.


If you want a bay window that will give your home’s aesthetic the little extra push it needs you should choose an oriel bay window. Oriel style bay windows are usually placed over an entrance of a home, basically in the location a porch would be. Although oriel bay windows provide a little bit of coverage from external elements, they won’t completely shadow your home’s entrance because they aren’t connected to the ground.

Other notable aspects of oriel bay windows include the fact that oriel windows are almost always placed on the second floor of a home. Between its older structure and overlay, oriel windows are the perfect addition to Gothic-style homes.


Making bay windows run parallel to a home can be harder than it seems. That’s where box bay windows come in handy. Instead of the sides running parallel to the wall and flat pane in a slanted position, a box bay window literally has the shape of a box.

In other words, each of the window panes are flat and have a perfectly perpendicular edge from the front pane to your home. This creates a boxed look in which this bay window will be protruding from your home more than it would if you choose another type of bay window.

Not only are box bay windows design assets, but they are the most flexible type of bay windows because you don’t need to worry about moving or reconstructing walls in order to install them. Also, since box bay windows are easier to install, they’re also usually less expensive than other types of bay windows.


Lastly, bow bay windows are the curviest and most extravagant type of bay window. Since bow bay windows have a curve, it takes at least four window panes to create the perfect arch. Not only is the curve a design element, but it also creates more space. So, if you’re looking to have extra-large bay windows, then a box window is a great option for you.

For more information about bay windows, don’t hesitate to contact your local contractor and schedule a consultation today. One of the best home improvement contractors in Southgate Michigan is All Point Construction. Call them today at (734) 407-7110 for a free estimate!

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