How To Choose The Right Shingle Color For Your Home’s Roof in Canton MI

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Roofing shingles have come a long way in the past few decades and they are now available in more colors and styles than ever. Considering you roof makes up around 40% of the exterior of your home it is important to put some thought into your color choices to better match the rest of your home. There are many things that are affected by the color of your home’s roof and choosing the right color can make a huge difference in appearance and energy efficiency of your home’s roof in Canton Michigan

How To Choose The Right Shingle Color For Your Home’s Roof in Canton MI

Most roofs will last about 20 years if you have a shingle roofing on your home. Of course, many factors will play a part into how long the roof will last. The most important factor is the quality of shingles that were installed when the roof was initially installed. Lower quality materials will not last as long and higher quality materials will last longer. A good mid point however is about 20 years. So if your roof is over 20 years old then a new roof may be needed. Selecting a color for the new roof can play a huge part in the appearance of the new roof and the energy efficiency of the roof. Read below to learn what shingle colors can mean for your home and how to choose the best one for your Canton Michigan home:

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Why Does The Color Of Your Shingles Matter?

Whether you are looking to sell your home or just want to spruce it up, the color of your shingles can be a great way to add some curb appeal and increase your home’s overall value. And it does more than just increase the overall aesthetic of your home.

Light vs Dark

Lighter, brighter colors are great for reflecting heat and light rays from your roof. While darker colors like black, dark grey or dark brown are ideal for absorbing the light and heat that hits it. If you live in colder climates the darker colored shingles can be a fantastic way to keep your home warm and save on energy bills. Lighter shingles reflect away heat so if you life in warmer climates it can be a great way to save on cooling costs.

While it is debated whether or not one lasts longer than the other, there is no concrete proof that the shade impacts how long it lasts. Some believe that the darker shingles will wear out sooner due to their heat retaining abilities, while others believe UV rays hitting the lighter shingles will cause them to degrade faster. This is why it is recommended that you opt for darker shingles in colder climates and lighter colors in warmer climates to try to keep them in top condition as long as possible.

What Is The Landscape Around Your Home?

If your house is located in an area with a lot of trees close to or hanging over your house it is advised not to go with lighter colored shingles. This is because the lighter color shows more wear and tear than the darker color. The trees and their leaves can stain the roof’s shingles and cause ugly marks and discoloration on the roof, taking away from the appeal of your home. Darker colored shingles will hide this discoloration and won’t be affected, no matter how many trees you have around your home.

Other Factors To Consider When Picking A Shingle Color

Choosing a shingle color that complements your home isn’t the only aesthetic increasing factor. Certain shingle colors also provide a calming and soothing effect on the person viewing the home, while others create a more exciting and dramatic feeling. So looking into the psychological effects of the color you are interested in can also be a good idea. Especially if you plan on selling your home.

You should also consider the neighborhood you live in and the houses surrounding you. Whether you live in a place that has a home owner’s association, or just want to be considerate of those around you, you should try to choose a color that won’t be deemed obnoxious or overly bright.

Call a Roofing Professional

Determine what color your shingles should be and the design of the shingles is best discussed with a qualified roofing professional such as Twelve Oaks Roofing in Canton Michigan. Call Twelve Oaks Roofing today for a free estimate on your new roof at 248-525-6950

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