5 Tips for a DIY Roof Inspection in Novi Michigan

5 Tips for a DIY Roof Inspection in Novi Michigan

The roof on your home is always at odds with the weather. Storms can cause damages to your home’s roof which can end up causing a roof leak and damages to your home. Knowing how to identify problems on your home’s roof can usually help to decrease the damages that may be caused. Getting a roof inspection on your home can help prevent these damages especially when it’s done by a roofer in Novi Michigan. But what about if you want to inspect the roof yourself? Here are some tips that you can use to inspect your home’s roof and also when you may need the help of a professional.

5 Tips for a DIY Roof Inspection in Novi Michigan

A lot of people think that in order to do a proper roof inspection you’ll actually need to go onto the roof. For a professional roof inspection done by an experienced roofer, this may be the case, but for a home owner it’s best to keep your feet on the ground. Going on your home’s roof is extremely dangerous and should be avoided. If there are areas on the roof where you want a closer look you can use binoculars or even a drone. Another problem that you may not have considered is that you can damage the roof if you walk on it wrong. Most of the following problems you can check from the ground level if you have a pitched roof.

Roof Damage Inspection in Novi MI

Look over the entire roofing surface. The biggest thing that you should be looking for is uniformity. If areas of the roof look significantly different then be sure to focus on that area as there may be problem. Those problems may end up being one of the following:

1 – Missing or Broken Shingles

During storms with high winds the shingles on the roof can be broken and blown away from the roof. This can expose the roof decking or the underlayment under the shingles. Although missing shingles on the roof doesn’t mean you will have an immediate roof leak, chances are a roof leak will develop quickly. If you have missing shingles on the roof or broken shingles on the roof it’s best to get a professional roofer to make repairs to the roof.

2 – Damaged Gutters

While it may not seem like a roofing problem, gutter damage can lead to a problem on the roof. Gutters are part of the overall roofing system and if they are damaged you may have other damages as well including damages to fascia boards. Look for pieces of shingles in the gutters as well which is a sign of a problem on the roof. If the gutters are also full of granules which came from the shingles it can also indicate a problem.

3 – Debris Buildup on Roof

A huge problem your home’s roof may have if you have lots of trees around your home is debris on the roof. In areas of the roof such as valleys, debris can build up and block valleys on the roof. This debris holds moisture against the roof which can age shingles prematurely. Clearing the debris quickly is needed to resolve this problem. Leaving the debris for extended time can change shingle color and affect their performance.

4 – Wavy Shingles

When water starts to affect the roof decking on the home it will cause places in the roof to sag. This can make the roof itself look a bit wavy in spots. If you have wavy roofing then you may need to get a roof replacement soon.

5 – Missing Seals on Flashing or Rust

Another area that you should look at is the flashing which is metal seals along edges on the roof. If the flashing is rusty or pulled away from the home chances are it will develop a roof leak.

Get a Professional Roof Inspection

While a DIY roof inspection is a great way to stop potential problems on the roof it’s always best to have an experienced roofer who has worked many years in the Novi Michigan area. Calling a professional can also give you peace of mind that your roof is in good working order. If you need a roof inspection on your home be sure to call the professionals at Twelve Oaks Roofing today. Call 248-525-6950 to set up your roof inspection today.

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