Choosing the Color of Your Exterior Siding in Trenton Michigan

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When faced with the decision of choosing the color for your new home siding in Trenton Michigan, you may be unsure of what route to take. There is a big commitment involved in deciding what your home will look like from the outside. This will be the color of your home for years to come, so it’s understandable how this can be seen as such a difficult choice to make. There are many things to consider in this decision, as the siding of your home isn’t an easily changed and costly redone thing.

Choosing the Color of Your Exterior Siding in Trenton Michigan

For many of the available siding choices, today choosing a color should be done before the siding is installed. Whereas, in many cases a few decades ago you could change the color of the home just by adding some paint. There are still options available such as wooden siding or fiber cement siding which do allow painting but even then, sometimes it’s best to have the manufacturer finish the siding. Finished siding already has color added to them. This is why choosing a siding color should be done before choosing the siding or starting the siding project on your Trenton Michigan home. Here are some tips to help you get started on your siding project in Trenton Michigan.

Choosing the Color of Your Exterior Siding in Trenton Michigan

You should first look at the structure of your home. This includes all the architectural elements and the colors that those areas are. The existing colors of your roof, masonry, and accents should be complemented by the siding color you choose. Many times it’s best to work off of a swatch which can help you better visualize how the home would look as different colors. You can also simply ride around the neighborhood looking at similar colored homes. It can help you better determine what your home will look like if the color was changed.

  1. Craftsman – In the early 20th century, this style became popular, sporting low-pitched roofs and tapered pillars that framed the porch and entry. Natural stone and wood accents are abundant on the interior and exterior of these homes, and tend to look best when paired with colors that are more natural such as a taupe, forest, or graphite shade.
  2. Tudor – These homes have high pitched roofs, stone chimneys and accents, and a deep set entryway. These are typically trimmed in dark colors and are very historical looking in nature. Typically, more earthy tones complement this style of home the best.
  3. Colonial – A colonial home will usually have a crisp white color with contrasting shutters in deep colors. You may want to stick to this and go with brightening up the door to add some flare. The style of the house truly works well with how you most often see it.
  4. Spanish – Popular in the west and southwest, this style is known for the stucco exterior and tile roofs. Arches are also very abundant in the architecture of these homes. To preserve the integrity of this style, a light cream is often chosen for the exterior that may have undertones of brown, gray, yellow, or olive. Neutral is truly best in this style.
  5. Victorian – These elaborate homes tend to have a more colorful variety of options since the architecture can get intricate and detailed in these homes. There really aren’t any rules for Victorian houses and you can really go with some bold color combinations as long as you stay in the three to five hue range that all complement one another.

You also need to consider whether you can live with your decision for quite a long time. Also, this is going to affect curb appeal – either positively or negatively, so choose carefully. You want your house to stand out, but not become an eyesore. Keep your house similar enough to your neighborhood so that it doesn’t stick out in a bad way, but choose something that can provide a unique pop – even if this is in the door or accent colors.

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