The Dangers of a Leaking Roof in Dearborn Michigan

Roof Leaking Dearborn MI

Having a roof leak on your home can happen at any time and for a variety of reasons. And while it does tend to be a bit frustrating, most roof leaks can be repaired quickly and without much costs. However, you’ll need to get that roof leak repaired quickly or you may find yourself having much more damage to your home simply because you waited to get roof repairs on your home. Here are some of the problems that can happen if you don’t have a qualified roofer in Dearborn Michigan to repair your home’s roof if it’s leaking.

The Dangers of a Leaking Roof in Dearborn Michigan

As I mentioned above a roof leak can occur at any time on your home but the biggest problem for smaller roof leaks is that you may not notice them when they do occur. A small roof leak that allows water to continually come into your home each time it rains can be very problematic. This is especially true if the homeowner doesn’t notice the roof leak. That’s why even if you see a small stain or spot on your ceiling getting it repaired quickly is important. You simply don’t know how long that roof leak has been there. Here are some of the problems when you have a roof leak on your Dearborn Michigan home:

The Dangers of a Leaking Roof in Dearborn Michigan

Mold and Mildew Damage in the Home

A big problem that many homeowners never consider when they have a roof leak is that mold and mildew can start in the home. As the moisture from the roof leak remains in your attic and saturated insulation it creates an environment that is prone to grow mold in the home. For a small roof leak this can occur without your knowledge and you may even have mold growth in your attic because of a roof leak that is caused by a roof leak.

Structural Damage

Another problem that a prolonged roof leak will cause is structural damage to the home. Many of the components which are below the roof are not designed to be wet or have any type of moisture around them. For structural components that get saturated each time the roof leaks they can become weak and start to rot. the additional weight added because of the water that leaks in can also be a problem for the structural components.

Aesthetic Damages

Most homes have drywall attached to the walls and ceilings of their homes. While this provides a great finish for the walls and ceilings it doesn’t hold up at all against any type of moisture. Even the smallest amount of water can cause the drywall to stain which usually end up being a brownish spot on it. While a small amount of water on the drywall once is acceptable when it becomes a problem is when there is a lot of water or the drywall continually gets wet. This can eventually end up causing the drywall to collapse under its own weight and due to the additional weight because of the water it has soaked in.

Fire Hazard

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “Water and electricity don’t mix” then you probably realize that a roof leak lets water into the home which also affects components of the home which have electricity in them. Not only home furnishings like televisions and computers but also the home’s circuits can be a problem. For light fixtures that are under a roof leak the water can short out the devices and even cause a fire hazard in the home. Make sure that when you have a roof leak in a specific roof or area that you turn off circuit breakers for that area until it can be checked by a qualified technician.

Get Emergency Roof Repairs

When you have a roof leak on your Dearborn Michigan home getting it repaired quickly is important. One way to do that is by hiring a professional roofing contractor such as Roofing Dearborn. Roofing Dearborn offers emergency roof repairs which can help prevent damage to your home from a roof leak. Be sure to call them today to get a free quote on a roofing project in Dearborn Michigan. Call 313-209-6350 for more information.

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